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6" Wheels


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6 inch Wheels

Figure 1. 6" Wheels

These 6" wheels are 3D printed, and rimmed with a molded soft urethane tread for good traction. (These wheels replace the Actobotics wheels used in the orignal design which are now obsolete.)

The wheels include the mounting hardware needed to mount them to the 10mm diameter shaft of the motors. The hardware consists of 2 sets of: 1 Chinese made 10mm diameter flanged motor shaft coupler, 4 4M nuts, and 4 4Mx12 socket head screws. If you want to create your own wheels you can get the flanged motor shaft couplers from

Ordering Info

Part Number Description Price Purchase
WHEEL-PAIR-6" Pair of 6" Wheels, with mounting hardware. $29.95/pair

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