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45mm Planetary Gear Motor


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45mm Planetary Gear Motor

Figure 1. 45mm Planetary Gear Motor Pair

The wheelchair uses a pair of 12V 45mm planetary gear motors with a 10mm shaft diameter. These are produced by Twirl Motor in China - Part Number: PG45M775126000-32.5K. When you order this item you get a pair of 2 motors. The motors weight about 2 Lbs each, for a total of 4 Lbs (1.8kgs) for the pair.

Motor Specification (No Gearbox)
No Load Speed6000 RPM
No Load Current 900mA
Full Load Speed4500 RPM
Full Load Current 4A
Torque 750 gf*cm
Stall Torque 3000 (gf*cm)
Stall Current 13A
Gearbox Specification
Gearbox Reduction32.5
Number of gear stages3
Gearbox Length56.2 mm
Max Running Torque20 kgf*cm
Gear Efficiency73%
Motor With Gearbox Specification
No Load Speed135 RPM (=6000/32.5*0.73)
Full Load Speed100 RPM (=4500/32.5*0.73)
Torque17.8kgf*cm (=750*32.5*0.73)

Ordering Info

Part Number Description Price Purchase
GEAR-MOTOR-PAIR Pair of 12V 45mm planetary gear head motors with 10mm shaft diameter $59.95/pair

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