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Open Wheelchair Fastener Pack

Ordering Info

Open Wheelchair Fastener Pack
Figure 1. FASTENER-PACK: Includes all of the screws and clamps needed to build a wheel chair.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Price Purchase
FASTENER-PACK Fastener Pack $14.95

Product Description and Contents

We have consolidated all of the hardware and fasteners into a single package, to make purchasing easier and cheaper. For a list of parts that are included in this package see the table below. We've provided links to other sources if you prefer to purchase the parts directly, or if you loose parts or need more.

Fastener Pack Contents
Part Description Part Number Supplier Price Quantity Cost
#6-32 x 1/2" Machine Screw #6-32 x1/2" Socket head machine screw for hub.
Black oxide is most affordable.
($5.53 for 100 pieces from MSC)
Robot Shop: RB-Sct-453
MSC: 05666060
Hardware Store, or, or, or
$0.25/each 8 $2.00
#6-32 x 5/8" Screw #6-32 x5/8" Socket head machine screw for hub.
Black oxide is most affordable.
($5.64 for 100 pieces from MSC)
MSC: 05666052 Hardware Store, or, or
$0.25/each 8 $2.00
#6 Sheet Metal Screws #6-20, 3/8" pan head sheet metal screw with philips drive. (Kit contains 150 grams, about 150 screws.) B00GI8GR9Q Hardware Store, or

Volume Orders of Quantity 20K from XL Screw: #6-19 x 3/8 Pan Head Philips Trilobe(TL) 48 Deg Thread Forming Screw(TFS)
1 $2.75
Hose Clamp Worm Gear Clamp 3/8 - 7/8 in 62M0551 Hardware Store, or
$1.02 2 $2.04
Conduit Strap Pipe, Tube & Conduit Hold-Down Strap 1" EMT.
Kit contains quantity 2 of length 5 inches, partitioned on larger holes.
54065149 Hardware Store, or
$0.35 2 $0.70
Castor Socket 0.75" O.D. Press Fit Caster Socket for a 7/16" diameter grip ring connector RC-3/4 These are 3D printed with this file: CasterAdapter.STL

or can be purchased from A1-Casters
Phone or email Order to
$0.77 2 $1.54

The Open Wheelchair hardware design is licensed under CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2 and the Software is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. By viewing or using the design posted on this website you are agreeing to these licenses. To view the license see our license page.

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