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Evan's Chair Built and Donated by Edwards Scientific

Edwards Scientific in Utah generoustly built and donated this and 2 other wheelchairs. The project was a team building excercise for their employees. Each chair was customized for each child. Here are pictures of the chair that they made for Evan.

Amy Krystofalski

I saw your idea for the motorized power w/c. Unfortunately, the pvc w/c wouldn't have enough postural support for my friend's daughter but I figured why couldn't I use the same idea and motorize a manual tilt in space wheelchair. It's a heavier but can still be lifted in/out of a car. Two people can easily carry it up/down stairs and just one person if you take the backrest off. I used a Sabertooth 2x60 motor control board. I'm sure you have probably found something better but it did the job for now. This is a video of me moving the completed wheelchair.

Cadeira de Rodas Infantil Automatizada - CRIA (Brazil)

We are entering into cooperation with a Rehabilitation Center in Sao Paulo so we can get volunteers for testing. I send a link showing the assembly of the wheelchair and end result. We were at an event Sao Paulo me and we received the challenge of putting together a manual chair using pvc pipes only. I send some pictures in a attached PDF file with the results. This project will be developed in as a master's work. We hope to help many poor children with disability in Brazil who can not go to school because they do not have a wheelchair. Thank you for the magnificent design and especially for leaving it accessible to the world.

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